David Abram on "Becoming Animal"

October 24, 2010

David Abram is an ecologist, anthropologist and philosopher, and author of "Becoming Animal." He visited the studios of Wisconsin Public Radio to tell us about the day he rented a kayak and set out to explore the waterways in Southern Alaska. The events of that day changed him forever.



What a great story teller David Abram is. I was enthralled by this portion to today's episode. I put down everything I was doing and gave my full attention. Thanks for sharing!

What an amazing tale of man and nature in Alaska! I loved how David's solution was to communicate rather than, as is too often the case, shoot. I already sent the link to my husband so he can listen. Thanks.

While I never experienced quite what Mr Abram did, his vivid story telling helped me relive my time paddling in SE Alaska. It's an adventure that could be on everyone's bucket list. Thanks so much for bringing the story and storyteller to us.

I was totally enthralled by Abram's story telling. It was perfect for a cloudy, fall, midwestern afternoon...More please!