Dangerous Ideas

April 17, 2016
(was 05.31.2015)

The atom bomb's ability to kill people makes it a literal dangerous idea.  But there are other kinds of dangerous ideas -- ideas that are contrary, counterintutive and just plain unconventional.  It's that kind of dangerous idea that we explore in this hour.

  1. Anatomy of a Dangerous Idea

    Who better to unpack dangerous ideas for us than Harvard's rock star cognitive psychologist Steven Pinker?  After all, Pinker suggested the very question, "What is Your Dangerous Idea?" to some of today's leading thinkers a few years back.  BBC Radio 4 described it as "the crack cocaine of the thinking world."

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  2. Listener Dangerous Idea on Black Education

    Listener Bill Lowman's Dangerous Idea?  Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) need to be one of the lead agencies to define and defend African humanity.

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  3. The Harm of Coming Into Existence

    At one point in "It's a Wonderful Life," George Bailey (Jimmy Stewart) says he wishes he'd never been born.  Of course, he ends up changing his mind.  But philosopher David Benatar thinks George was right the first time.  It really WOULD be better to have never been born.

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  4. Dangerous Idea: Your Child is Not a Special Snowflake

    Katha Pollitt's Dangerous Idea?  Your child is not a special snowflake.

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  5. Listener Dangerous Idea on Mythmaking

    Ben Riggs' Dangerous Idea?  Role-Playing Games represent the most significant development in the history of myth in perhaps centuries.

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  6. Chuck Palahniuk Talks Dangerous Writing

    Chuck Palahniuk has made a lot of money turning dangerous ideas into fiction.  His latest novel is called "Beautiful You."  True to form, there's a dangerous idea at the heart of it -- it's about a software megabillionaire who's invented the world's greatest sex toys.

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  7. Listener Dangerous Idea on Teaching

    Kate La Riviere-Gagner's Dangerous Idea? There should be a reality show to give people a better idea of what a day in the life of a teacher is like.

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