Dangerous Idea: Pleasantness is Evil

March 30, 2014

Sam Kriss' Dangerous Idea?  Pleasantness is evil.



Empirical observation tells me Mr. Kriss is profoundly wrong. Besides the fact that pleasantness lubricates the wheels of social interaction, he is arguing against thinkers and philosophers going back to Lao Tzu, Confucius and Buddha. As was pointed out elsewhere in your broadcast, our society depends on trust, and a nasty person does not engender trust. True enough, it is possible that they are impeccably honest and straight forward, but if people don't feel comfortable around them, their abruptness is going to intimidate a lot of people and destroy trust.

People can be nice without being evil.

I love a righteous, apocalyptic rant. I love this righteous rant. Amen.

Great thoughts...

read a goddamn book (because it's clear you've only read wikipedia pages on those folks you mentioned or else your understanding of them wouldn't be so disparagingly lurid) but more importantly READ BENJAMIN M8