Dangerous Idea: Don't Recycle!

October 5, 2014

Ginger Strand’s dangerous idea on recycling. Or, rather, not recycling. She is a novelist famous for her novel Flight.



I have always considered recycling the worst idea. When I was growing up every beverage was in a glass bottle. The glass bottle was then returned to the vender and sent off for washing to be reused again and again. Your commentator failed to mention that the chemicals from plastic bottles leaching into the beverage or that it takes oil, as much as one-third measure of the bottle, just to produce and ship one plastic bottle.

Beverages in glass bottles taste better. We seemed to do well for decades with returnable bottles. So I'm with the author, but I can't see where excess aluminum after WWII had anything to do with it. Nothing (or at least very little) was bottled in aluminum until the mid 60's 20 years after WWII. Everything was in steel containers.

Thanks, Ginger! This is similar to my own 'idea'... a response to the excesses of the fracking boom in N. Dakota, where, because of the hurry to cash in on the oil, the natural gas coming with it is "flared off"- or simply burned, to get rid of it.
(One measure determined that the value of natural gas being flared off is around $120 million a year.)
So I wrote my Senators and proposed that Americans should do likewise... and, since plastic is a product of petroleum, we should all take our plastic garbage out to the back yard, and set it on fire... until this gas resource is piped and utilized by the oil industry. Neither of my Senators have responded, so far. ^..^