Dangerous Idea: Breaking Up America

August 31, 2014

Novelist Stephan Eirik Clark's Dangerous Idea? Subdivide the United States into smaller countries.



I believe in this concept but I have been afraid to seem anti-american. I live in California where we have improve and always support the rest of the country financially with overwhelming amount of taxes. Taxes that come from companies growing large thanks to the incoming foreigner labor, both undocumented and documented. We are one of the reaches state in the word and I don't agree that other states should benefit from our American way of life. We as Americans are wasting out hard earned dollars trying to implement tolerance and democracy against the weak and religious believes while the states in the USA that take most of the tax aided states (like Joe Arpaio) don't believe in tolerance and are racist and don't support our believes but are happily living from the taxes generated form a system they don't believe in. If beautiful California becomes a country, we would be one of the reaches and most tolerant countries of the world; and we would not be supporting those dead-beat racist states in the union (like Ugly Joe Arpaio's desolate Arizona) and other states. Other states would not be benefiting from wealth created from items that states don't embrace. They should embrace tolerance and wealth or give up and become their own deselect countries.