Dan Davies on "Ed Gein: The Musical"

March 20, 2011

The dark heart of Hollywood has resulted in films like "Psycho," "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre," and "Silence of the Lambs," all of them inspired by the mass murdered Ed Gein.  No one expected the latest such inspiration: "Ed Gein: The Musical."  Steve Paulson talks with Dan Davies, who wrote the film and plays the title role.



I had to turn of the radio during the songs. It's horrible that these things happened but I'd never want to see or hear a musical about it. TTBOOK is usually thoughtful and insightful, but this was just vulgar. I'm sure there's some radio show where this would be appropriate, but this ain't it.

Granted, this is all personal preference culminating in one star.

Dear Anonymous,

The show was called "Pushing the Limit in Film" ...enough said.

I'd bet real money a very high percentage of mass murderers have seen this and/or other similar media. The people that do this sort of nonsense are the people who are responsible for the spread of the phenomenon of mass murder. That it occured before is undoubtedly true. That it occurs now more frequently now is true as well. Provide an ethicomorally challenged histrionic or pathological narcisist with an outlet fo rfame and further acts acts of this sort will continu eto be the result. This is is irresponsibility in it's highest form.

No it never is the killers' fault...the idea of responsibility has become relegated to and blamed on the media, or to their familial upbringing, or to their "bad seed" societal connections/friends or to a chemical imbalance...we live in a society where self-responsibility has become extinct...sad.
A Serial killer or mass-murderer becomes one because he consciously chooses to be one. He or she overtly chooses evil. Period.

I saw this film and yes I got to laugh. The people who made this told the story of an abused man, a sick man a killer. Why is this wrong but texas chainsaw and silence of lambs ok? The movies about Ed that made it big never told the true story. This film told a sad story about abuse and sickness with a bit of humor. The men that wrote, produced, acted and filmed this movie had knowledge of Ed. Yes its a strange idea and a stange movie and i would see it again. Its not Texas Chainsaw, its not Silence of the Lambs. You don't close your eyes because you don't want to see what happens next. Most of what those movies showed did not happen, they just made a lot of money. As for the musical... good job. There was also a question and and answer session after the film and the people who made the film had relatives who knew Ed. So truth be told I find it highly irresponsibale to judge something you have not seen.