The Creative Mind

July 1, 2012
(was 08.14.2011)

What goes on inside the mind of a painter, or a musician, or a poet?  What sparks creativity?  In this hour of To the Best of Our Knowledge, new neuroscience takes us inside the creative mind.  We’ll talk about brain imaging studies of jazz musicians, and cosmologist Brian Swimme explores the ceaseless creativity of the Universe.

  1. Charles Limb on Neuroscience of Jazz

    Charles Limb is a surgeon and musician who researches the way creativity works in the brain. He puts jazz musicians inside an fMRI to find out what the brain does during musical improvisation.

    Watch Charles Limb's TED Talk here

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  2. Shelley Carson on Your Creative Brain

    Harvard psychologist Shelley Carson explores new research on how to amplify creativity.

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  3. Molly Peacock on Late Life Creativity

    Poet Molly Peacock's biography of the 18th century paper artist, Mary Delaney.

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  4. Brian Swimme and Mary Evelyn Tucker on The Creative Universe

    We are part of an immensely creative universe. Cosmologist Brian Swimme and Religion scholar Mary Evelyn Tucker explain.

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