Creating Wonder - Janet Cardiff

November 29, 2012

Is the experience of wonder always unexpected? Or can we create opportunities for wonder?

Internationally acclaimed sound, video and installation artist Janet Cardiff weighs in.

You can also hear the extended interview with Cardiff here.



I have been a fan of Janet Cardiff's since i did her east end walk many years ago. This is a wonderful interview with her. As a New Yorker who just enjoyed her installation at the Park Armory...she's so right about NYers not being very good at patience. Bill Viola's work also unfolds similarly. Good things come to those who wait. and wonder!

I was at the Metropolitan Museum some years ago, heard Tallis being sung somewhere in the music, followed the sound and ended up in the installation of Spem in Allium. I was ENCHANTED by it and spent the entire afternoon there, listening to the music, moving from spot to spot to hear different singers and different parts and listening in on all the conversations taking place BETWEEN the takes. It was one of, if not my MOST favorite museum experience of my life!