The Course of Time

January 5, 2014
(was 01.03.2010)

Where did we come from, and where are we going? Whether it's the Garden of Eden and Armageddon, or the Big Bang and the Big Freeze, we can't help but ponder our place in the universe. In this hour of To the Best of Our Knowledge, we consider the universal course of time, from the beginning to the end… and back again. A cosmologist discusses creation, and ponders when the universe became self aware. A documentary film producer examines African creation myths and their relationship to science. Novelist Jim Crace talks about his apocalyptic vision in The Pesthouse. And Ron Mallet talks about his efforts to disrupt the natural course of time through the very real possibility of time travel.

  1. Brian Swimme on Organic Time

    Brian Swimme talks about the nature of time and the human obsession with clock time.

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  2. Thebe Medupe on Astronomical Legends

    Thebe Medupe is an astrophysicist who grew up under apartheid. He talks about the stories he grew up hearing from his village elders and the astronomical legends of the Dogun people in Mali.

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  3. Jim Crace on the End Time

    Novelist Jim Crace believe current state of the world makes it all too easy to imagine a grim future.

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  4. Ron Mallett on Time Travel

    Ron Mallett is a theoretical physicist at the University of Connecticut who wrote a memoir about his personal quest to travel back in time.

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  5. Fleda Brown's "For My Daughter's 40th Birthday"

    Poet Fleda Brown reads her poem "For My Daughter's 40th Birthday."

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