One Child's Response to Tony Robinson's Death

March 12, 2015

Image: light Brigading via: flickr


Producer Charles Monroe-Kane lives a few blocks from the house where an Afrian-American teenager was recently killed by a white police officer. The impacts of the shooting have been rippling through the mixed-race neighborhood. Charles and his family are whiet. Here's how they are responding.


Thank you for sharing this. 1. Your son told you that kids were getting into fights over this killing. By "fights" do you mean physical or intense arguments? 2. I think that the current title--"Talking to Your Child About Race"--requires more depth than this brief segment examines.

"fairly mixed-race neighborhood" -- this doesn't ring true to me. 2010 Census says the tract on either side of Willy St is 90% white. In fact it's whiter than any of the adjacent five census tracts. see interactive maps here: