Chris Moulin on Deja Vu

November 4, 2012

Deja vu isn't just a weird idea.  Some people have powerful experiences of deja vu, and some scientists are now studying them.  Cognitive psychologist Chris Moulin talks about his own research on deja vu.



A Bill Murry film was mentioned, if i have the correct program, which I heard while driving. Many years prior there was a fascinating Twilight Zone episode starring Dennis Weaver which has a very similar theme. I recommend it you you if you have not seen it.

Do you know whether Mr. Serling was aware of this illness at the time of writing?

Love your program,
Dave Rainville

ok so ive experienced deja vu but instead of for a few seconds or minutes it was more like a couple of hours. Im really scared but i dont want to tell my parents about it because im scared of what they're going to say. And my friends that helped me out yesterday just think im crazy but i need to talk to someone about this. Please help me. ohh and whats really weird is that ive been reading cases about deja vu n it appears to only happen with older aged people, but im 16.

Trying to find some help with this déjà vu that I have been getting every single day for a few years now. I am 30 years old. I know I'm not crazy, people love my company and that's what kinda scares me because I'm not shy about talking about it to anyone. It's starting to feel like, well it has but didn't want to believe that this life is a game or a matrix and I either have precognitive dreams or I have died before and I'm some kind of perpetual living in pergatory until I break the cycle of what I'm continuously doing. It's making me think I'm more than human even and I've never had an ego in my life so it's hard to believe that if I'm not sure, this is a competitive world and people don't want to hear that. I know I'm some sort of indigo child, where ever I go people are drawn to me and a lot love to drain me. Can you tell they take my kindness for weakness. Well I don't want to say too much, I would like Chris moulin to contact me if possible. I don't feel that I've written this before so I think this may be the right path, if you respond. Thanks , I just may be the one your looking for. Luke

Oh and I've had déjà vu about having déjà vu, a few times. It's like seeing the truth but not being able to believe it because your the only one. It felt like it could have happened even more than 3 times but your brain is being held back from seeing that far. Lukeryanedward. My mom has always wanted me to change my last name to her maiden name White. I'm the 13th generation off the mayflower ( William White)

first of all i do not have the best of memory. yet i have memory of people, place and things. i have been liveing with this for some time. and yes it is hard to really be a part of this world sometimes . it is only a dis ease becouse i did not know how to work with it . i have gotten better at it . . it can be a gift if we can understand it. and it is beyound just the brain . i would like to talk to others about this . i new there had bo be other out there.

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I have chronic deja vu. I write poems about it.

I had a psychosis because of it.
Ive had dreams where ive had it in them.
Ive had troubles ever since it really entered my life, but now it feels like its always been there. I don't know how normal people feel the day... or if they even can.
I can feel the day.
Its not beautiful anymore.
It no longer brings me joy.
I agree with the (stopped because deja vu made it feel pointless)

I hate rewriting things.
I'm going to try and be original.

But I can't...

I'm not crazy, im just constantly attacked by this virus. This leech. This infection that seems to take all the information inside my head and create my life around that because thats the only probable answer. Im so personable with strangers that I don't care who sees because it feels like everyone is a part of me. Did you come up with some bullshit theories and run chris moulin?
Or are you actually trying to help?
Because this shit is worse than groundhogs day its an infinity of no progress, no solutions. Whenever you figure out how to do something new you go crazy or the world goes crazy and you lose memories and yes I do have cronic deja vu so dont think to discredit my thoughts if you ever read this with "I dont understand" or "its just psychosis" or "he's just crazy" because i am fighting to hold down a job and move into an appartment and not show the fact that most of my lifes memories have erased. That my heads filled with things that didnt happen yet or wont happen because trying to change the things that you dont say when you have deja vu is harder than the work it would take you to raise awareness...
Also life is being on a cattle prod and inturruptions are on purpose from someone from behind the scenes. We only dream from our pure will to escape the hell weve created as humans and those who have deja vu are depressed only once they know that.
Someone please help.
If not me... then someone.
Make deja vu a popular phrase again.
Then those who have it can admit it.
Those who dont like to talk about it dont have to.
And those who seek help... can get it.
(Also for a personal vindetta against burger king, my favorite place I ever worked was shell)
((I can remember a time where I thought that phrase was funny... maybe ill still think that later))

I was suffering from ptsd....memories that I suppressed as a child came fooding back and my brain was processing it all and overloading..I was given some shocking news and I actually felt my brain snap......DE JA VUE began and when I was really stressed then I actually saw things happening before they happened...this has been going on for over 5 years....I still have de ja vue most days.....I just live with it...I look at quantum and Einstein and think in the end it all begins again xxxx

Through this validation of Einsteins theory that gravity warps light (in space), he was able to prove that gravity warps time as well, because time and space are from the same fabric in our dimension.

I have this all the time...several really strong ones that were proven by people around me who knew I was never physically at the spots I described in detail which astonished them. They all happend years before I visited the countries and was able to describe details to people.

I honestly thought I was crazy. I didn't even know how to explain what I was going through but now reading some of your stuff Dr Moulin I see I'm not the only person going through this. I went a year where everyday felt like deja vu and it was so scary it crippled me. I was told to get help but it's hard when people look at you like a lunatic when starting to describe it.

I think I understand what you mean about when it ends it begins again because when my brain snapped I felt a wave over me and I had mental breakdown for like two seconds which felt like minutes but when I started over I was in 2015 September 18 and I swear the tv said 2015 you are now about to experience a time loop while watching project almanac I felt as if we all started over and we are the few who can remember well that was my experience