Carlin Romano on "America the Philosophical"

June 30, 2013

Philosopher Carlin Romano talks with Jim Fleming about his book, "America the Philosophical."



So Carlin Romano find the thesis of George Packer's The Unwinding to be "that the country is falling apart" and Mr. Romano thinks this is "crazy". Well, among recent social critiques, The Unwinding is pretty mild stuff in the America-is-falling-apart department. Mr. Romano should try something more bracing, like Chris Hedges' and Joe Sacco's Days Of Destruction Days Of Revolt.

Great swaths of America are falling apart, propelled by a system more interested in exploitation than in holding America together. And if Mr. Romano takes Panglossian comfort that Tampa is not Aleppo, let him absorb Hedge's and Sacco's descriptions of American war zones like Camden, New Jersey.