Capitalism vs. the Climate

Naomi Klein takes on global warming

December 6, 2015

Journalist Naomi Klein is in Paris covering the Climate Summit. She says if we're serious about climate change, we need to confront capitalism itself.



Ms. Klein clearly does not understand the difference between what she calls "capitalism", and consumerism. They are not the same thing! As far as the natural environment is concerned, it does not matter how the system of production is organized. As long as there are more and more people demanding more and more stuff, humanity is headed for disaster. Yet she, along with the rest of the Left, refuse to recognize the issue of over- population. But that is what is driving, pun intended, the problem. It is population growth that is the root of the consumerism problem. She should take note of Mr. Brand's very last comment in his portion of this program. Mr. Policon