Brian Swimme on Organic Time

December 26, 2010

Brian Swimme is a mathematical cosmologist at the Center for the Story of the Universe, part of the California Institute of Integral Studies. Steve Paulson talked with him about the nature of time and the human obsession with clock time.



There is no evidence that the universe is "conscious".

such a wonderful interview. my two bits? when steve goes to the question of God, he missed the evident question prior to that, which is to go to Life, Who we each are in our ultimate identity and who is expressing Herself in these myriad ways, including as human being who can reflect on ourselves, hence we are Life being aware of Herself. Life has a relationship with the myriads that come from her, and each of us in our ultimate identity is Life. I personally love going on then to the question of God, Who i love thinking about and think of as the Creator of Life, Creator of Existence, Creator of Creation and with Life is the Senior Partner in the work of creation which we are, as human beings, intended to further by loving one another, this beautiful planet, and all organic creatures great and small. my two bits. great interview. thanks. bob minder

Brain Swimme is a passionate, evocative, new voice for all! Appreciate his fresh scientific perspectives that invite me to engage in life with wonder and delight! Please bring him back!

With all the legitimate wonder in the universe, you really to not need to reach for unsubstantiated new age thinking wrapped in scientific language for a story. There is no evidence for this, and you need only look at his resume to see the motivated reasoning to reconcile the real and the "spiritual".

His line about rosebushes, giraffes and humans being the natural result of an earlier universe of hydrogen atoms is good though.