Break-Up Songs

February 28, 2013

Of course, After the Romance can also come break-ups. The silver-lining to any break-up? The soundtrack.

Robin Linn and Jason Saldanha of Sound Opinions join producer Sara Nics to talk about songs of rage, revenge and moving on.

You can also hear the EXTENDED version of this interview, but be warned, there are some profane lyrics in the extended version!

Looking for the full list of suggested break-up song? Here it is.



by Peter DuMont
on Mon, 10/21/2013 - 1:32am

Not sure if this comment is going to the right place, since the topics seem to be jumping around on my screen.

Anyway, relative to the comment on the "Breakup" section of "After the Romance:"  I've hardly ever heard a more explicit expression of the sickness of our culture around romance and relationships.  

The speaker said words to the effect: "The lyrics are the most important.  You obviously want to say things that are going to hurt the other person as much as possible."

Come on, now, for shame!  This is called "ILL WILL."  It is what so often makes life miserable rather than a steady, evolutionary progression, where one and others actually BENEFIT from experience!

What one SHOULD try to do in a good breakup song is assert one's self worth in the face of abuse or perceived abuse.  It shouldn't be about hurting the other, and if it is, well that's just likely to continue the tradition, isn't it?

Don't mean to be too "preachy," but then again, this is an important point.  Love should be about ALL our "Highest Common Ideals."  Then it won't be so ephemeral.