"To The Best of Our Knowledge: The Movie"

February 24, 2013

If "A Prairie Home Companion" can be a movie, why can't "To The Best of Our Knowledge"?  This trailer for the forthcoming film features the vocal stylings of Don LaFontaine, "King of the Movie Trailer Voice-Overs."  Who will play Jim, Steve and Anne?  Or will they play themselves? 



Please advise where the movie is currently showing.

I MUST see it.


Romulo Ramos
Irvington, NY 10533

Hi Romulo -- Thank you for your comment. I'm still rewriting the screenplay. I think I'm up to Draft #17 but I think I've lost count. The suits wanted to get a teaser trailer out sooner rather than later because you know, it's all about the marketing. I'll keep you posted. We're now aiming for a 2015 release. Thank you for your interest! DG

I love that you got Don LaFontaine to do this...how did it come about? So fun.
Nicole Harkin
Washington, DC

Just heard the trailer & it sounds lovely!
I didn't see a link on the mobile site but the movie/book I've found to be recurringly inspirational is The Color Purple.