Asking for Help - Haddayr Copley-Woods

April 6, 2014

Imagine what it would feel like if everywhere you went, people assumed you needed help… if complete strangers insisted on giving you a hand, whether you wanted it or not?   



Ms. Copley Woods is a very angry person - she would do better to remember that person in a wheelchair that she left in the snow, and how she felt. The people who try to help her are doing so out of kindness and courtesy, and to avoid that feeling of not doing something when they should have. Ms. Copley Woods should accept others' good intentions.

This interview was painful to hear because Haddayr Copley-Woods sounds like she has a major chip on her shoulder. She left a man in a w/c in the snow? I can't push an elevator button, because I would be patronizing her? I didn't consider that her finger still worked? Good grief. I was just trying to be nice. Her husband must walk on eggshells, she hesitates to ask for water, but loses it because he didn't check the air in her w/c tires. While others may be more able-bodies, no one can read minds yet, use your words.

Those of us with MS have a tendency to think the world revolves around us. Your lack of gratitude for random acts of kindness from strangers is sad. Note to one but you is going to do an in-depth analysis of how much or little you need the help they're offering. Just take it. Say thank you... and be grateful to live in such a kind community.

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I appreciate the help people offer me. I am using a walker now and just received my powered wheel chair. My issue is I need the help and the people I run into on a daily basis do not offer it. When I do have a person offer or provide help I thank them as it makes my life a lot easier and I certainly appreciate it.