Are Americans Smart Enough To Vote? (The Answer is No)

October 30, 2016

The average American voter is NOT smarter than a 5th grader, doesn't understand basic political facts and should probably not be allowed to vote. Philosopher Jason Brennan makes the case for an epistocracy: the rule of the knowledgeable. 



What a silly, pompous, profoundly undemocratic young man. Who exactly makes the decision about who may vote? Mr. Brennan and his ilk?

aren't there enough crazies expressing themselves? Because he self published a book he's given air time? Veronica said it so much more eloquently.

Giving someone the power to choose who votes or not is called tyranny. That is how Saddam Hussein and North Korea votes end up the way they do. These same lines of thinking are why women weren't allowed to vote, or why fractional personhood was granted to owners of slaves. How about a math test for voters to help get debt under control? or a science test for climate change aficionado candidates?