Angry on the Outside, Sad on the Inside

January 6, 2017

When Ashanti Branch first started teaching he noticed that a lot of boys at his school were kind of checked out. They weren’t going to class, they weren’t doing their work, and the majority of them weren’t graduating. So Branch started an afterschool club for boys where he pushed them to take off what he calls the “male mask.”

To watch "The Mask You Live In," which profiles Branch and his students, visit the Representation Project website.



Generations ago, famed Will Rogers said "There are three kinds of men. The one that learns by reading. The few who learn by observation. The rest have to pee on the electric fence themselves." The same holds true today. To "man up" means to acknowledge that most of us make sometimes harsh mistakes and accepting that. Yes it's not a happy state, either sad or mad, but it's why most of us live "live lives of quiet desperation" (HD Thoreau) and we have to find our own Path to heal. May it be so.

When my son (and I) were forced to sign up for the military draft, none of our female citizens were...and yet their bodies are their own, not the governments...Is that true G.I.?