Dogs Helped Humans Conquer The World

April 3, 2015

When it comes to loyalty, dogs win.  In fact, according to a new theory, dogs and early humans formed an alliance 36,000 years ago.  Together, they drove Neanderthals to extinction, before invading and conquering the rest of the planet.  Thanks, Fido.



Re Anne’s comment …”Cats – they don’t even like us.” My cats like & (past ones) have liked me very much – you show you’re ignorance of cats, sweetie. Stick to what you know, dogs.

I guess this very interesting piece(really, it was) means we have dogs to blame for the horrors perpetrated on all the other animals on the planet by humans. They might not have missed us.

But anyone who has been a chocolatier can’t be too bad.

Seriously--I love cats but I love dogs, too. Is this a competition? Dogs are better? Because you don't like cats? And by the way, my cats DO like me. They're not that much different than my dog (except they smell better.) Okay, so I enjoyed your whole piece. But lighten up on the not-liking-cats-thing because it makes you sound mean.