American Invention

February 24, 2013
(was 05.13.2012)

What’s your billion dollar idea? You know, the one that’s going to change the world?  America’s the land of invention, right? And it’s that can-do spirit that makes this country great. But America’s no longer the global innovation giant it once was.

Where have you gone, Thomas Edison?

  1. Nathan Myhrvold on Modernist Cuisine

    Myhrvold talks about inventing and his six-volume, 2400-page, 52 pound cookbook called Modernist Cuisine.

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  2. Darin Gibby on Why America has stopped inventing

    Why has America stopped inventing? Americans invent less than half of what we did a century ago. Half.  Why? Are we less creative then we were 100 years ago?

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  3. Marcus Wohlsen on Biopunks

    Welcome to the 21st Centrury and the Biopunk Movement where biohacking and kitchen table biotech are the norm.

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  4. Anna Dietrich on the flying car

    Don't ask Anna Dietrich if she invented a car that can fly. No one can do that she says. She did, however, invent a plane that can drive. 

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  5. Robert Glasper on his album "Black Radio"

    Robert Glasper's new album Black Radio is a reference to the black box of recordings that survives a plane crash.

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