March 17, 2013
(was 05.06.2012)

"I suspect that the airport will be the true city of the next century.  The great airports are already suburbs of an invisible world capital, a virtual metropolis whose faubourgs are named Heathrow, Kennedy, Charles de Gaulle, Nagoya, a centripetal city whose population forever circles its notional centre, and will never need to gain access to its dark heart."  

                                                                                                 -- J.G. Ballard


  1. Alain de Botton on "A Week at the Airport"

    Alain de Botton talks about "A Week at the Airport."

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  2. Greg Lindsay on "Aerotropolis: The Way We'll Live Next"

    Greg Lindsay talks about the future of the city -- the aerotropolis.

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  3. David Sheppard on Brian Eno's "Music for Airports"

    Brian Eno biographer David Sheppard talks about Brian Eno's groundbreaking 1978 album,l "Ambient 1: Music for Airports."

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  4. Christopher Schaberg on "The Textual Life of Airports"

    Christopher Schaberg talks about looking at the airport through the lens of literature.

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