New African Voices

November 8, 2015
(was 02.01.2015)

Welcome to the next generation of African writers.  They’re young, multi-lingual, and breaking out of all the old literary boxes.  This hour, why Africa has one of the most exciting literary scenes on the planet.

  1. New African Literature

     It’s time for you to meet the next wave of African fiction and our guest has compiled their writing together in the book “Africa39” – an anthology of 39 African writers under the age of 39.


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  2. Somali-American Fantasy

    A fantasy novel written by a Somali-American Mennonite raised in the US who wrote it while teaching English during a civil war in what is now South Sudan and then revised it in Egypt.

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  3. Nigerian Science Fiction

    No discussion of genre fiction would be complete without science fiction. And an alien invasion. That’s the premise of “Lagoon" set in Lagos, Nigeria.

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  4. South African Crime Fiction

     African Genre Fiction is breaking the mold of African literature. And “Broken Monsters” certainly does that. It is a crime novel written by a white South African that is set in Detroit.

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  5. Dangerous Idea: A Palace of Unbuilt Roads

    Hans Ulrich Obrist's dangerous idea is to create a museum for projects that haven't been completed—he calls it "A Palace of Unbuilt Roads."

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  6. On Our Minds: The Poetry of Race

    On our minds this week is the continuing racial tension in our country. And Poet Claudia Rankine’s book-length poem about race really got us thinking.

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