Advertising: Here, There, Everywhere

January 12, 2003

These days there’s no escaping it.  It’s everywhere.  In washrooms, on fruit in the supermarket, even on the sidewalk.  Advertising.  We’re so used to the never-ending commercials and ads brought to us by radio, television, and magazines, that advertisers are scrambling to find revolutionary new ways to attract our attention.  In this hour of To the Best of Our Knowledge, we’ll meet two of these advertising innovators.  And we’ll talk to the father of the funny commercial, Stan Freberg. 

  1. Jonathan Bond on Under the Radar Advertising

    Jonathan Bond tells Anne Strainchamps about some of the innovative things he did in his TV ads for Snapple, and describes a couple of cases where advertisers used live actors to create living commercials that no one in the audience knew were commercials.

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  2. Stan Freberg on Humor in Advertising

    Stan Freberg visits Jim Fleming and explains how he got into advertising, and why his commercials always tell the truth.

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  3. Kalle Lasn on Culture Jamming

    We’re introduced to the concept of culture jamming, and Kalle Lasn tells Steve Paulson what led him to found his magazine “Adbusters.”

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  4. Wally Williams on Jingles

    Wally Williams is Chief Executive Officer of Tequila Mockingbird and Sound Design in Austin, Texas, a successful commercial production facility. 

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