Abused Game Developers Can’t ‘Just Go Offline’ to Escape

March 19, 2017
Zoe Quinn

Original Photo by Melly Lee

Zoe Quinn’s story — what came to be known as “Gamergate” — is only one episode of the regular cyberbullying, doxing, rape and death threats, and cyberstalking that are on the rise online. And for women whose careers depend on their ability to create and collaborate online, those threats have a serious chilling effect on their personal and professional existence. How is a game developer like Zoe supposed to deal with it?  Because it’s been three years — and she STILL gets death threats.  



If you want to do a feature about how toxic the internet can be for men, I could fill your ears with some harrowing anecdotes.

Hi Eric, 

I don't doubt it. We actually did a whole show on how men suffer under cultural expectations earlier this year. There's an empathy gap for men, particularly when it comes to young men finding their place in the world. 

I'd definitely be interested in talking if you want to get specific. 

I forgot to include my contact-info with the comment I just posted. In the unlikely event that you would want to interview me, my email is eric.grosch@gmail.com

If anyone is interested in the other side of this story...