About Us: TTBOOK Staff

Steve Paulson

Steve is the Executive Producer and one of the founders of To the Best of Our Knowledge. He has been a contributing writer for Salon and has written for Slate, Huffington Post and other publications.  His radio reports have also been broadcast on NPR's Morning Edition and All Things Considered.  His book, Atoms and Eden:  Conversations on Religion and Science, was published by Oxford University Press in 2010.
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Executive Producer

Anne Strainchamps

Anne Strainchamps is the host of TTBOOK.  She co-founded the show, along with Steve Paulson and Jim Fleming, and has been a featured interviewer on the program for more than a decade.    She has worked in public broadcasting at WAMU in Washington, DC, and at NPR.   She has been a reporter, producer, news director, live talk show host, a food and wine columnist, and a chocolatier.
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Charles Monroe-Kane

Producer Charles Monroe-Kane is also the host of Director’s Cut, a weekly Wisconsin Public Television show that features independent films.   Before TTBOOK Charles spent almost a decade in Europe, where he started an Internet Café in Prague, was an anti-nuke activist in Belgium, ran a record label in Amsterdam and even ran a circus. 
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Doug Gordon

Doug Gordon

Originally from Vancouver, B.C., Canada (first stop on this planet, anyway), Doug Gordon is migrating southward one country at a time in a concerted effort to make public radio more playful, provocative and postmodern.  Gordon's a big believer in Hugh MacLeod's maxim -- "Stay ahead of the culture by creating the culture." 
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Rehman Tungekar

Producer Rehman Tungekar first realized his passion for public radio while working as a researcher in a microbiology lab. After a brief stint studying radio documentary in Maine, he interned for WNYC’s Radiolab and Chicago Public Media, and spent several years in Columbia, Missouri, where he worked as a talk-show producer. He credits TTBOOK as one of the reasons he fell in love with public radio and is thrilled to be a part of the team.

Mark Riechers

Mark Riechers

Mark is the digital producer for To the Best of Our Knowledge, dreaming up ways to share the conversations we have on the show online as well as spark new conversations between ourselves, our listeners and guests via social media. He's worked for publications including The A.V. Club, Isthmus, and others, on topics spanning food, beer, nerd culture, video games, film festivals, and the occasional op-ed on the economic value of reclining seats. He has formerly worked as a science communicator for the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the University of Chicago, interviewing engineers and economists about their work and research and relating their discoveries to a mainstream audience.

Digital Producer

Joe Hardtke

At age 10, Joe Hardtke destroyed his parents’ home stereo trying to sample beats from the radio. A native Wisconsinite, he began his broadcasting career as a teenager at a polka radio station. (Yes. Polka. All day.) Down the hall from the air booth was a mono production studio with two cart machines. Many secret radio plays were recorded after hours. No gear was destroyed. Having learned to love accordions, he attended the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, forming bands (not polka) and crafting shows (again, not polka) at WRST, the campus radio station. After graduation and a short detour in commercial radio news, this lifetime audiophile returned to music, recording albums and concerts in his adoptive hometown of Madison. 

Technical Director