Barbara King


Barbara J. King is Emerita Professor of Anthropology at the College of William & Mary.

She is author of Personalities on the Plate (2017) Being With Animals (2010), Evolving God (2007), The Dynamic Dance (Harvard University Press 2004), and a number of other books.

Dr. King has studied monkeys in Kenya and great apes in various captive settings in Africa and the US. Her research has advanced the thesis that humans and animals have deeper emotional relationships than previously thought.

Barbara is a popular guest on interview programs and recently appeared on the Diane Rehm Show and National Geographic Radio. Previously, she has been interviewed on radio programs in Canada, Austria, Germany, and Australia.

Dr. King is the recipient of numerous teaching awards from William & Mary and the state of Virginia. She is also associated with the Teaching Company which produces course material taught by America’s leading professors.

Barbara King graduated from Douglass College with a BA in Anthropology. She also received her MA and PhD in Anthropology from the University of Oklahoma.

Together with her husband, she cares for and arranges to spay and neuter homeless cats in Virginia.


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